Home-made Low-Sodium Soy Sauce

Shoyu - soy sauce, which is essential for the seasoning of Japanese cuisine, has now become one of the most popular seasonings in the world. 


Shoyu is rich in amino acids that are fermented by the protein of soybean and contains dietary minerals and B vitamins.


The rich aroma components of Shoyu stimulate appetite, while the amino acids help stimulate gastric juice secretion.

"Perfect for Sushi & Sashimi"

We created this milder flavor for you to enjoy Sashimi and Sushi dishes by adding Mirin and Konbu essence to diminish sharp taste and remove the strong saltiness and bitterness.

Home-made Gluten-Free Ponzu Sauce

We have been using Yuzu as a flavor of various dishes
in Japan for a long time. Yuzu ponzu (vinegar) is an
essential seasoning for Japanese dishes and is often
used as a dipping sauce when you want to add
acidity, taste, and salty flavor to your dishes.


Citrus juice, the raw material of ponzu, contains a lot of
vitamins and citric acid. People are noticing that
Ponzu can be used as a healthy seasoning.

"Made with citrus - yuzu"

This versatile seasoning lets you enjoy the fresh acidity of citrus and the taste of the soy sauce at the same time by adding to the dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

Home-made Gluten-Free Dressing

Our salad dressing, a.k.a Ginger Dressing, was created
for our house green salad.


Made with gluten-free soy sauce, this gluten-free dressing has both the wonderful taste and benefits of ginger and has quickly became a popular choice amongst our customers.

"From our in-house recipe"

Enjoy your favorite salad with our healthy and tasty salad dressing made in-house from our chef’s recipe.

Enjoy the taste of Sakana's special sauce at home

Perfect to own, share, and give.

Available at Sakana - please ask the server for purchase.